So the prospect of opening up the world of financial crime to New Zealanders, by placing it on the big screen, was extremely appealing.

The inaugural New Zealand International Fraud Film Festival represents two days of thought-provoking material and networking opportunities, scheduled as a finale to Fraud Awareness Week 2016.

My sincere thanks is extended to each festival partner, who together form the nucleus of the local counter-fraud industry. Each partner has provided significant financial support, as well as many hundreds of hours of energy, to deliver an event that is both exciting and relevant.

It’s also appropriate to recognise the tremendous contribution of the Fraud Film Festival Foundation in the Netherlands: without their road map, this event would never have been possible.

What we all have now is an excellent opportunity to learn from the key players in this industry, participate in some real discussions and forge future partnerships so that we can face fraud together.

Ian Tuke
New Zealand International Fraud Film Festival Inc.

As this programme notes, in the words of Jean-Luc Godard, “cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world”. Literally a series of static images, as the frames of the best films play in sequence, artistry, fakery and the limits of human perception combine to illuminate screen, heart, and intellect.

When the house lights dim, the New Zealand International Fraud Film Festival will make use of this artistic alchemy to literally shed light on fraud in a variety of forms. The motivations of, and consequences for, individuals committing fraud will be examined. The unregulated wild west of the internet will be explored. And the way our passion for sporting heroism, cinema, fine wine - and even tickling - can be turned against us demonstrated.

Fascinating stories lie at the heart of each of the films in this year’s programme. This inaugural selection is packed with documentaries that offer real-life perspectives on fraud, many of which prove the adage that truth is stranger than fiction.

I look forward to seeing the impact each of the films in the 2016 programme have on an audience. And I’m as excited about the formal discussions the festival will stage after each film as the intriguing conversations and collaborations that will no doubt follow.

See you there.

Steve Newall
Fraud Film Festival Programme Director

Sadly, fraud occurs. It can occur on a large or small scale. And it harms – it harms the victims, the community, the economy, it reduces trust and impacts on livelihoods. In New Zealand we have a strong network of public and private sector entities, who work hard to prevent, detect and respond to fraud in all its guises. Working together increases effectiveness – it promotes innovation in our efforts to stay one step ahead of the threat of fraud.

When Ian Tuke first raised with me the possibility of assisting him to galvanise partners across sectors and the community to work together on this initiative, I jumped at the opportunity. I believe in the power of collaboration and that so much can be achieved when we work together. The New Zealand International Fraud Film Festival provides an opportunity for collaboration inspired and motivated by the stories brought to us through film.

This Festival is the product of an enthusiastic and diverse group of partners, who have worked together tirelessly to create a forum for debate and discussion about what we can do collectively to counter fraud in New Zealand. My role as project manager has been supported by the passion of the founding partners and the commitment of all partners to bring this international event to New Zealand. Now, let the film images roll and the debate and discussions begin.

Belinda Moffat
Fraud Film Festival Project Manager